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Ask Afrika announced the winners of their annual Kasi Star Brands Awards 2018/2019.
Ask Afrika announced the winners of their annual Kasi Star Brands Awards 2018/2019.

Ask Afrika announces 2018/2019 Kasi Star Brands Awards


Issued by Orange Ink - Jun 22nd 2018, 10:17

Ask Afrika announced the winners of their annual Kasi Star Brands Awards 2018/2019, recognising those brands that are most loyally used by South Africa’s township consumers and highlighting key trends emerging in what is rapidly becoming an ever more prominent market for South African brands.  

“Through our Kasi Star Brands benchmark, we consistently re-evaluate the township market to really delve into what makes them tick, what loyalty means to them and, very importantly, what is impacting their buying decisions. This year was no different with the emergence of key trends and – of course – identifying those brands that have again taken this market by storm,” says Andrea Gevers (Rademeyer), CEO at Ask Afrika.

Kasi Star Brands focuses particularly on solus usage – brands that consumers will not choose an alternative for. To put this in perspective, The Kasi Star Brands evaluated 145 categories and 720 brands within the township sector, across the country. This year, only 32 leading Kasi Star Brands met the criteria to qualify as a truly Kasi brand – ones that have a loyal consumer following and have a sound commitment from consumers to buy only these brands within each category.

This year, we are proud to announce that Kiwi has come out as the overall winner, giving the Kasi market real value for money and delivering on their promise of quality and excellence across their product range. Coming in after Kiwi were, in order of rank: Coca-Cola, Sunlight, Koo, Dettol, Lucky Star, KFC, Mageu, Moir’s and Shoprite - all demonstrating sound value in the Kasi market and continued brand equity.

This year’s Kasi Star Brands research showed that the average Kasi citizen will support brands that are able to go the extra mile for them by meeting the following:

• Acting ethically
• Fitting into their lifestyles
• Never disappointing them
• Innovating
• Taking the time to understand them
• Creating an emotional affinity to their brand
• Demonstrating that they can be trusted
• Giving back to their communities.

For brands, the Kasi market presents numerous opportunities but it is important to note that their expectations are no longer based on product quality, value for money or pricing but rather on their emotional experience with the brand – it is about integrated expectations, holding brands accountable. Therefore, this year’s research indicates that a one size fits all strategy won’t work anymore - brands will need to tailor-make strategies per category, brand and even per township. Consumers have very different expectations and experiences, defining what they expect from the brands they are prepared to commit to.

For example; this year’s research delved into the difference between younger and older Kasi citizens where their views on brands were vastly different. The youth were more focused on a ‘what can this brand do for me?’ mentality, where older consumers are more traditionalists when it comes to brand selection. Furthermore, we compared two different townships – Soweto and Khayelitsha – where these two townships differ substantially in demographics, however, they also differ in terms of life stage and life values. Soweto hosts older citizens, single parents and families, and Khayelitsha younger citizens with a large portion of dependent singles. Therefore, this research shows that it is critically important for brands to move beyond mere demographics and include other key influential factors such as life stage and life values, for example.

“Brands need to gain a granular understanding of the differences between consumers in different geographical locations to truly identify with and succeed, in this market. It is this type of deep-seated understanding and compliance to what consumers expect of brands, that made this year’s winning brands outperform their competitors - proof that brands that weave themselves into the fabric of South Africa’s Kasi consumers will reap the rewards of loyalty and commitment,” continued Gevers (Rademeyer).

“This means that brands are having to work harder to remain relevant – including established brands – that are having to become smarter as to how they market,” says Gevers (Rademeyer).

As we celebrate Youth Month, it is also significant to define how this segment is truly driving demand for the brands they support – research suggests that these youngsters (15 – 35 years old) are giving significantly higher ratings across all dimensions. They are drawn to brands that are focused on experiences, innovation and trendsetting and brands that support this will go a long way in sustaining their market position.

One of the key trends that emerged this year is that brand loyalty is on a downward trajectory within the general consumer market, however, this year’s research brought to light a fascinating insight - the Kasi consumer is different!

“We see far more loyal usage amongst the average Kasi citizen than the general SA citizen where their loyal usage is significantly higher - once they find a reliable brand that delivers, they will stick to it. It is a very different market with different behaviours and, as brands, we need to make sure that we differentiate our understanding of the Kasi market to make provision for nuances within this market,” says Gevers (Rademeyer).

“Considering emerging consumer trends within the Kasi market, there is no doubt that brands really need to have what it takes to become Kasi citizens’ most loyally used brands. We can confidently say that this year’s winners have risen above market challenges and truly delivered on the expectations of South Africa’s township market.”

“We look forward to another year of great success and wish all South Africa’s incredible brands a solid year exploring and delving into this key market – as they set out to authentically understand the life contexts and challenges South African township consumers face, where they need to make a real difference, have a real commitment, in a way that will enable growth and trust, within this key target segment,” concludes Gevers (Rademeyer).

See below a list of the top 10 winners:

Rank Brand Category

1 Kiwi Shoe Polish
2 Coca Cola Non-alcoholic drinks
3 Sunlight Liquid soap - wash by hand
4 Koo Tinned Beans
5 Dettol Liquid antiseptics
6 Lucky Star Tinned Fish
7 KFC Fast food outlet
8 Mageu - Number 1 Milk - Mageu/Maheu
9 Moire's Baking Aids/essences/colour
10 Shoprite Food retail/Supermarket

About Kasi Star Brands
The Township market is more complex than it appears, but it offers a considerable opportunity for savvy brands that have their finger on the pulse and know what the community wants.
That’s where the Kasi Brands Benchmark can help. Established in 2015, the survey is nationally representative and identifies township brands most loyally used by South Africans through a deep understanding of the people in these communities; how they engage and what is important to them. It also aims to define the exact target consumer that is buying certain products and serves as an authoritative tool for brand owners to measure their impact, and successfully drive their brand, within the township market.


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