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Nike is celebrating a group of visionary women, the Visionairs, in its 'Air VaporMax campaign'.
Nike is celebrating a group of visionary women, the Visionairs, in its 'Air VaporMax campaign'.

Nike celebrates visionary women with 'Air VaporMax' campaign

MARKETING NEWS - Aug 7th 2017, 16:18

Nike is celebrating a group of visionary women, the Visionairs, in its 'Air VaporMax campaign'.  

Nike Running invites the women of Johannesburg to join the Visionairs for an NRC experience on Thursday, 3 August.

Inspired by Nike’s latest innovation, the Air VaporMax running shoe, the Visionairs (listed below) aim to inspire communities to get rid of challenges, including personal ones, that limit women in sports.

Shana Power
Power has been in a fight against prescribed roles, in and out of the cage. From a life threatening lung condition to her recent (and only) loss, Power never backs down and never gives up.

She now aims to reclaim her title as one of the best cage fighters in the world. For Shana, the fight starts before she steps into the cage; it starts on the streets where she runs in the dark of the early morning.

The Pack
The Pack is an all-female running crew, with their home on the streets of Johannesburg. They run over obstacles, transcending many limits. They are the embodiment of a new generation of young women who aim to break through all the limitations imposed on them by their own fears and societal stereotypes.

They are not running against each other. They are running with each other. What started as one woman’s vision for herself, has become a movement by a group of women chasing the same thing. Together, they motivate each other to run further and faster.

DJ Doowap
DJ Doowap is a familiar face on the radio, television, and in the fashion world. The story of DJ Doowap is documented in South African pop culture. Apart from being a DJ, DJ Doowap is also an athlete. She is a professional springboard diver and an avid runner.

Lady Skollie
Lady Skollie is a visual artist whose work investigates concepts of gender, intimacy, and human connection. Defying traditional taboos, she uses her art to address important topics that are otherwise not openly spoken about in the South African culture.

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