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Starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur requires dedication, confidence and an optimistic mindset.
Starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur requires dedication, confidence and an optimistic mindset.

Podcasts every startup entrepreneur should be listening to


By Shannon Ash, Rogerwilco - Sep 10th 2018, 15:01

Starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur requires dedication, confidence and an optimistic mindset. For one, you need to be convinced by your own tactics and two, you cannot simply give up. You need to be motivated enough to keep moving forward even when times become tough and overwhelming.  

It’s important to seek advice at marketing and tech conferences in Africa to help guide your actions. And while sitting with influential industry leaders at technology conferences would be ideal, time is too precious to be sitting around when you need to be landing meetings and converting deals. So, in this case, podcasts are the next best option for you. Podcasts have taken the digital industry by storm, with a growing number of entrepreneurs also seeking relatable content that is easy to digest.

Podcasts are ideal for people who want to learn on the go, just like you. Here are a few of the best, most inspiring startup podcasts you should be listening to keep educated about the industry:

Product Hunt Radio

If you’re working in a B2C environment, this podcast will be particularly helpful as it was developed for B2C founders to improve motivation and to inspire positive action. This channel is centred around the latest trends, and it focuses on more than just the most innovative products but also how they were developed and marketed to the world. These brands, today, are global innovators which produce products that add value to consumers’ lives across the world. This podcast also includes guest speakers who speak about business management tools, provide tips on productivity and more. All in all, it’s a beneficial podcast to listen to when you feel down, overwhelmed and cannot move forward with a creative mindset.

Earn Your Happy

Developed by Lori Harder, a self-made millionaire, Earn Your Happy is a true inspiration to women who are looking to live and achieve what she has. This podcast can motivate both men and women, as her determination and willingness to succeed can teach everyone a few tips. Based on her success, she empowers others to do the same by transforming her work through self-love and mindfulness. She discusses her habits and how she’s adjusted her mindset to succeed in various areas of her life. Many people don’t allow themselves to move forward because they sabotage themselves in their relationships and careers. So, if that is your situation, listen to Earn Your Happy and gear your startup for future success.

Smart Passive Income Podcast

In the startup world, it’s one thing to have an award-winning idea, but if you do not have the skills to execute it and market it, you’ll struggle to become a success. To be a startup business owner, you need to wear many hats. And sometimes you need help with those hats. Smart Passive Income can help you understand the ins and outs of becoming a profitable business owner. Each episode of this series teaches you the steps to entrepreneurial success, helping you to grow your company, income and more. Every entrepreneur has the ability to improve and be the best self-made success if you have the tools to do so.

The School of Greatness

This podcast is headed up by Lewis Howes, a well known New York Times author and lifestyle entrepreneur. As the title suggests, this series of podcast episodes aim to discuss inspiring, great stories which could add some excitement to your life and encourage you to keep moving forward. There are going to be some hard days which require additional motivation and push, and on those days, listen to this.

She Did It Her Way

This one is for all the women aspiring to be entrepreneurs and for those who are already running businesses. It aims to demonstrate the power of women while offering women motivating and informative information that can help them make smarter business decisions. It also teaches you how to embrace being a business owner, without losing the excitement in your life. It’s highly recommended for strong, independent women looking for some professional advice from a like-minded individual.

Final words

Running a business and keeping up to date with the latest trends is a challenge. If you can’t find the time to do everything, educating yourself through podcasts will help you to consume the content you need to take your business to hero status. You can download podcasts and listen to them while you’re busy completing other tasks such as travelling to work, cooking dinner and more. Try to incorporate the abovementioned podcasts into your daily routine and attend relevant marketing and tech startup conferences to learn more about the market. These tools will help you to grow your startup.

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