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Reebok has made its Instagram account shoppable by partnering with Curalate.
Reebok has made its Instagram account shoppable by partnering with Curalate.

Reebok launches shoppable social media


By Caroline Baldwin - Sep 11th 2017, 16:21

Reebok has made its Instagram account shoppable. The fitness brand shares images of people working out on its Instagram page, rather than simple product shots, and it wanted to ensure customers could identify and shop each of the items featured in an Instagram post. 

By partnering with marketing technology company, Curalate, Reebok has created an identical transactional Instagram page which customers are redirected to.

On Reebok UK’s Instagram page there is a hyperlink in the bio which redirects customers to a replica Instagram page hosted on the Curalate platform. Each of the products in the Instagram image is denoted by a number and if shoppers click on a number they are sent to the product page on the Reebok website.

This is part of a broader strategy which will see Reebok capitalising on the growing number of customers who discover products through social media.

“Our brand digital focus is to be relevant to existing and future customers, as a large part of our audience is active on social media,” said Mark Allin, senior digital manager at Reebok.

“Reebok’s online content celebrates fitness communities. We’ll feature our products in content captured during genuine workouts, rather than simply product shots. This way people are clear as to what our position is in fitness, and can then explore options to purchase. This approach provides a clearer and more consistent message to the user, one considered journey.”

Allin added: “It’s helping us create a clearer picture of what Reebok’s ideal consumer journey is, while our eCommerce team will benefit directly from the brand work that’s taking place.”

The brand, which is part of the Adidas group, also plans to integrate shoppable content into online advertising campaigns.
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