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Email marketing is an exceptional way to reach your customers through their inboxes.
Email marketing is an exceptional way to reach your customers through their inboxes.

Retailers, here's why you should give email marketing a second chance


By Ashley Wilson - Dec 5th, 15:03

While not always receiving the attention it might deserve, email marketing's ability to reach your customers in a highly personalised manner and with an exceptional return on investment makes it a marketing tactic you should consider using more diligently. 

Email marketing is an exceptional way to reach your customers through their inboxes. Retailers and other types of businesses have been sending email messages to customers with great success for more than two decades. One study indicated that more than 80 percent of those surveyed believe that email marketing has a beneficial impact on client retention and acquisition.

Those who successfully use email marketing are able to recommend products, announce sales and more. However, as amazing as email marketing can be to produce desired results, some retailers are not placing email marketing as a priority in their campaigns. By analysing what email marketing can do for your business, you may be ready to re-evaluate your marketing strategy.

You Want to Drive Conversions

Email is an excellent way to turn leads into sales and to promote loyalty from established customers. Most consumers today have at least one email address they check regularly, making this a reliable marketing platform. When you use an opt-in strategy for your mailing list, you can expect most of these consumers want to learn more about your sales, offerings and more. This means that this target audience is motivated and engaged.

Some people who sign up for your company’s emails and newsletters are not actively ready to make a purchase. However, you can use emails to keep in touch with them and even to soft sell until they are ready to act. A great email marketing campaign needs to have an urgent call to action as well as a long-term strategy to appeal to all types of consumers.

Email Delivers More ROI Than Other Channels

When developing a marketing campaign, your return on investment is a hot button to focus on. The good news is that email marketing generally has an excellent ROI. This is because you are emailing consumers who have opted in to receive your messages. In addition, this is a cost-effective way to deliver personalised and timely messages, requiring minimal time or specialised training and experience. You can even create multiple mailing lists to further diversify or customise your messages.

Today’s retailers have access to a greater amount of consumer data than they did in the past. With access to so much data about potential and existing customers today, you can easily refine email marketing campaigns to hyper-target your messages.

It’s Personal and Adds Value

Consumers may tune out marketing messages they feel are impersonal or blanketing. However, when a message is personalised and is directly relevant to them, it can generate immediate interest and can even motivate consumers to take action. While social media is a popular marketing medium as well, be aware that you generally cannot target consumers in a personalised way through social media marketing.

While some email marketing messages are refined based on shopping preferences or location, you can further drill down your efforts based on the user’s browsing or purchase history. For example, if a consumer looked at black shirts recently, you can send an email showing the consumer other styles of black shirts that may be of interest.

Email messages may also be larger than the communications that you can send through social media platforms. Essentially, your emails can be both helpful and relevant to consumers, and the message can be as detailed as necessary. You may even use technology strategically to further personalise and automate your emails.

It’s Easy to Create and Measure

Some email messages utilize complicated templates, high-end graphics, and even videos. However, a simple email message is just as effective. Therefore, you can easily create effective email campaigns without the need for fancy HTML programming and with minimal effort.

If you do happen to use these features in your email marketing messages, you may be able to use a similar template for each customised message you send out. This can essentially give you an easy plug-in application that can save time without forsaking customisation benefits. In addition, email marketing software is available to track conversion and open rates.


Email marketing does not always receive the attention it deserves in retail marketing campaigns. However, because of the exceptional return on investment and the incredible ability to reach your consumers in a highly personalised way, email is a marketing method that you should begin using more heavily. By analysing your current marketing efforts in comparison to what an email marketing campaign can do for your business, you may determine that this type of marketing should take a front and center position in your efforts.
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