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SA brands and agencies achieved high rankings in the MMA's annual Business Impact Index this year.
SA brands and agencies achieved high rankings in the MMA's annual Business Impact Index this year.

SA brands shine at the MMA’s annual Global Business Impact Index announcement


By Lynette Dicey - Mar 12th, 13:40

Unilever, KFC, Mindshare, MediaShop, Gorilla and Digitas Liquorice had an outstanding showing at the Mobile Marketing Association’s (MMA) annual Business Impact Index (BII) announcement in New York last week. These SA brands and agencies performed well in relation to their international counterparts in the Africa, EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) and global categories, bagging first and second place in many instances. 

First and second place respectively in the Africa section went to Mindshare and MediaShop. Liquorice came second in the global category and Gorilla fourth in the digital agency category.

BII measures brands, agencies, tech enablers and media agencies whose campaigns have won or competed as finalists in the previous year’s Smarties Awards, the only awards to recognise the business impact a campaign has had. Analysis of the campaigns is done using a methodology that the MMA has developed in collaboration with global advertising research body Warc to determine the impact on business.

Country director of the MMA, Sarah Utermark, says SA’s high placing in the BII this year across a range of categories is a clear indicator of the superior level of mobile-first work being produced in the country.

The BII, she says, provides an exclusive opportunity for the country’s leading mobile marketers to showcase their work and compete with their peers globally. That so many local brands and agencies stood out as leaders in their categories shows that their work has significant business value for their clients and, moreover, is among the best in the world.

Entries are now open for the 2019 Smarties Awards. Utermark advises agencies and brands who wish to enter to focus on highlighting the financial impact their work has had on their clients’ bottom lines. This will maximise their chances of winning and will then gain them automatic entry into the BII.

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