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An essential driver of digital transformation is how companies can use their data to remain relevant.
An essential driver of digital transformation is how companies can use their data to remain relevant.

Smarter marketing in the digital era


By Grant Fleming - Jul 16th 2018, 14:09

An essential driver of digital transformation is how companies can use their data to remain relevant. 

Digital transformation – what companies should be doing to succeed in a digital era – ­ is on everyone’s agenda at present. Regardless of the industry, an essential driver of digital transformation is how companies can use their data, sometimes in conjunction with machine learning, to remain relevant. Digital marketing campaigns allow the opportunity for targeted marketing campaigns in this space.

From modernising IT infrastructure and dealing with cybersecurity to ensuring that employees have the technology they need to be as productive as possible, approaches to digital transformation vary. Automated lead generation and smart direct marketing campaigns are often overlooked in this space. However, they can offer a competitive edge, especially for companies that know their customers and can target their campaigns accordingly – because the outcome of leveraging data to optimise leads is increased sales.

From a marketing perspective, the rise of digital transformation should be about increasing efficiency rather than innovation. Statistics and trends are pointing towards encouraging a more digital focus and strategies that previously favoured a more traditional approach are now focusing on digital.

Direct marketing via e-mail and SMS is a digital marketing platform that should not be discounted as the focus shifts to digital platforms.

To succeed in a digital era, today’s organisations need to ensure that their marketing strategy is as diverse as possible, across multiple channels. These should include billboard advertising, leveraging online ads and e-mail and SMS marketing campaigns. Much like in an investment portfolio, it is vital to ensure a good spread where platforms work together for the brand to be continuously visible to its market.

Also important is to make certain that companies and brands leverage the data they have. Many organisations don’t realise how much data they already possess, nor do they know what to do with it. Today’s marketers should focus on leveraging the assets they have built up. It is here that direct marketing is extremely useful – marketing to an existing target audience that has previously engaged with your brand and already has some brand affinity.

The chances of returning with a conversion are considerably more likely using direct marketing. Remembering the value of marketing to a well-defined audience offers marketers a viable way to secure the upper hand, even as the world changes around them.
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