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If you are thinking about starting a business, one of the first aspects to consider is who you will be hiring.
If you are thinking about starting a business, one of the first aspects to consider is who you will be hiring.

Why your first hire for your small business should be a PA


By Amy Galbraith, Rogerwilco - Apr 25th 2018, 14:00

If you are thinking about starting a business, one of the first aspects to consider is who you will be hiring. You may think that hiring a marketing expert first is ideal, so they can get the word out about your new startup, or a salesperson to hit the ground running with your product, but the reality is that you should first look into hiring a PA (personal assistant). The reasons why are outlined below.  

Save time for important work
PA courses teach these professionals problem-solving abilities and the initiative to think on their feet while juggling many balls all at the same time, which means that you will be able to focus on important tasks in your small or startup business.

Even if you feel you are able to handle the administrative tasks that come hand-in-hand with starting a new business, you may find that these cause you to lose focus on the more important matters at hand, such as finding investors or building your brand. A PA can help by taking on the more difficult daily tedium and allowing your time to free up for other tasks.

Keeping you on schedule
Often times as the owner of a small business, you have up to five phone calls and seven meetings a day, and keeping track of this yourself can be nearly impossible. The organisational abilities of a personal assistant can help keep you on schedule efficiently and easily.

You will be able to check in with your PA every morning regarding what the day holds for you, and they will contact you throughout the day with reminders for important meetings that are scheduled. Sticking to a paper calendar method of organising your schedule can prove to be disastrous, as you could miss lucrative meetings whereas a personal assistant will always be there to call and check if you have attended every meeting for the day.

They are an investment
Hiring a personal assistant is more than simply adding an extra cost to your business, they are investments in yourself and in your company. These professionals are trained to be able to take on a heavy load of work so you can use your time on important business issues.

The duties of your personal assistant will vary according to your needs, but what matters is that you will not be tied down with the minutiae of the day. You will become more productive and driven if you do not have a constant worry in the back of your mind about when to order another pack of printing paper or office supplies.

They learn your preferences
One benefit to having a personal assistant is that they will soon learn your preferences: now, we are not talking about how you take your coffee, but rather how you prefer to deal with clients or certain issues that may occur in your business.

This will help save you time as your PA will be able to provide properly formatted memos and quickly relayed messages to other employees and to clients, in your voice, without having to check and recheck tone and message. A personal assistant is trained to fully understand the needs work style, expectations, and boundaries of their employers.

They can provide new strategies and insights
Up until starting your small business, you were most likely relying on yourself for new growth and branding ideas, and may not have had anyone to speak to about these ideas. A personal assistant can provide a sounding board for these ideas and may even offer effective new insights.

Your personal assistant deals with your contacts on a daily basis and may have an idea on who to contact for an investment, a loan or which company to market to. With their constructive criticism and unique ideas, you will be able to create better strategies for future success. You may also find that their second opinion on your ideas boosts your confidence as a business owner.

Your management skills will improve
If you were a ‘one man band’ before hiring your new PA, you may not be used to delegating tasks, communicating effectively or teaching new skills. Your new hire will mean that you need to improve your management skills.

These skills are not only beneficial for one employee but for every other one that you hire. You will be able to effectively delegate tasks to everyone, making for a productive and effective business, and communicating well with your employees is always vital. Teaching new skills is also part of a manager’s responsibilities, and your PA can help you to grow your teaching abilities.

Final thoughts
As a small business or startup owner, you will not be able to juggle the responsibilities and administrative tasks for very long on your own, which is why a personal assistant is an ideal hire. You will be able to take care of more important tasks while the administrative ones are delegated to an organised and expertly trained professional. Your business will flourish and you will find an employee who grows with your company.


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