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Boxmore wins first place for Ina Paarman Dressing bottle design
Boxmore wins first place for Ina Paarman Dressing bottle design

Boxmore wins first place for Ina Paarman Dressing bottle design

SERVICES NEWS - Nov 4th 2016, 10:30

The International Union of Food Science and Technology's (IUFoST) Global Food Industry Award has recognised Boxmore Packaging's Ina Paarman Dressing bottle design, presenting it with first place for Packaging Innovation. 

Launched in July 2015, the ‘easy pour’ design received positive response from consumers. The old two-piece closure was replaced with a new, single piece flip top closure for the new PET bottle design. The flip top closure is embossed with the Ina Paarman logo and allows for easy pouring of the product, while the introduction of a tamper evident induction seal provides a more stable shelf life. Furthermore, the vibrant, impactful photography used to create the label clearly indicates the dressing variant and this, together with the shorter bottle and wider base has improved shelf presence.

The Global Food Industry Award recognises the creative work of food innovators globally. There are only three categories:

Product and/or process innovation
Package innovation
Communicating science-related knowledge to consumers aimed at improving their lifestyle (marketing campaigns included)

This year’s Global Food Industry Award took place in Dublin, Ireland.All rights reserved ©. 

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