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Coca-Cola GB has announced plans for a revamp of its Zero Sugar variant, which will be accompanied by a multi-million pound campaign, as it looks to revive sales.
Coca-Cola GB has announced plans for a revamp of its Zero Sugar variant, which will be accompanied by a multi-million pound campaign, as it looks to revive sales.

Coca-Cola unveils major new push for Zero Sugar


Nam News - Aug 23rd 2018, 09:09

Coca-Cola GB has announced plans for a revamp of its Zero Sugar variant, which will be accompanied by a multi-million-pound campaign, as it looks to revive sales. 

The changes include a new look, to be rolled out in September, which will feature a red disk against a black background. It will also feature a black band at the top of the packaging which carries the words ‘Zero Sugar No Calories’.

The overhaul will be supported by a £5m advertising campaign which will aim to highlight how similar the variant is to classic Coke. A TV ad – set to air on 18 September – will showcase “mirrored visuals of great experiences, that like both drinks, are just as enjoyable either way”. Meanwhile, a widespread sampling campaign will see seven million cans sampled by end-2018.

Alec Mellor, marketing manager at Coca-Cola GB, noted: “For more than 130 years, the colour red has been associated with the great taste and experience of enjoying a Coca-Cola and we want to make it even clearer that you can have that taste and experience with or without sugar. Sales of Coca-Cola zero sugar have almost doubled in the last two years [Nielsen] and we believe this latest change will help us grow it even further and encourage more people to give it a try.”

Jonathan Davison, Beverage Analyst at data and analytics firm GlobalData, offered his view on the development: “Coca-Cola’s Zero Sugar variant has achieved substantial gains across the UK in recent years, most notably a 29% increase in 2017, so this move to unify its packaging design with the main brand will only strengthen the brand’s sales still further.”

Davison added: “A core brand packaging revamp like this will have been long in the planning, but the timing of Coca-Cola’s announcement provides the most compelling evidence yet that it is keeping a close watch on the progress of closest challenger PepsiCo. The unveiling of the new-look designs could well have been brought forward to counter the news of PepsiCo’s SodaStream acquisition, barely 24 hours after the latter featured heavily in mainstream global media. This, in turn, came days after Coca-Cola revealed plans to invest in sports drinks brand BodyArmor.”

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