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MITAS Corporation: the name consists of the first letters of the group’s main offerings: Marking, Identification, Traceability, Automation, Authentication, Systems and Solutions.

MITAS Corporation consists of various direct fully-owned divisions and some partial or major shareholding businesses. These associated businesses provide related or complimentary offerings which leverage other entities in the group to provide full end-to-end bespoke solutions.

Every business that manufactures a product needs to mark and identify that product in some form or another, for reasons such as traceability, legal or regulatory compliance, consumer/client information, branding and others. For non-manufacturing clients, there is the requirement to manage products, organise assets, and facilitate maintenance and tracking of those assets.

Our diverse portfolio of businesses provides the most comprehensive range of solutions offered anywhere in the world. From tagging red hot billets of steel at over 1200° Celsius, to marking items immersed in liquid nitrogen; from marking products on stationary or slow manufacturing lines, to 120 000 items per hour and faster; and from standalone to portable – the only thing we cannot mark is air… …and we are working on that!

With the ever-increasing issues of fakes, counterfeits, and illicit trade, the need for more and more brand protection has become paramount. Our portfolio includes many overt, covert and forensic traceability solutions as well as integrated web and mobile device monitoring, tracking and authentication solutions.

Our speciality and drive for the client wherever possible is to mark all products with both man- and machine-readable data at item level. This Unit Level Traceability (ULT) with assimilation provides vital parent/child relationship information that can be linked to the businesses supply chain logistics, allowing traceability of goods from manufacturers to distributors and retailers – as well as all the way into the hand of the consumer.
Traceability Solutions
Tel: 010 020 7220

Traceability Solutions is the leader in the field of marking, identification, and traceability. Our solutions give our clients brand protection, accountability, authentication, traceability and many more vitally important business requirements.

Nothing is too hot, too cold, too fast, too slow, too rough, or too tough for us.

From basic handheld marking tools to the most sophisticated pin, laser and inkjet solutions for every manufacturer and application, we are the only company worldwide to offer all these solutions, giving our clients every option and avenue to solve almost every problem. We promise to provide completely unbiased options and advice, from product selection to implementation challenges.

We provide a wide range of marking and identification solutions for industries including automotive, aviation, carpentry, engineering, livestock, mining, medical, pharmaceutical, construction, plastics, military, heavy/primary metals and many more.

From conventional marking methods, pinstamp and laser marking systems, to Direct Part Marking (DPM), high-security tags, and barcode scanners, we have a solution to suit your specific requirements.

We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the right solution to track their products - from cradle to grave.

Tel: 010 020 7221

TracePack specialises in the sale of equipment to mark, code or label your products. We provide a solution from the exit of the filler, flow wrapper, form fill or seal machines to all the way to palletisation. We can convey it, pack it, code it, mark it, track it, scan it, verify and authenticate it.

What makes TracePack different

• Our inkjet marking and coding systems feature low running and maintenance costs, resulting in a cost-effective solution to FMCG coding.

• Our wide range of labellers and print & apply systems ensure that we are able to take care of our clients’ end-to-end marking, identification and coding needs.

• Our in-house automation solutions can manufacturer custom-built conveyors and customise marking, coding and labelling systems to ensure seamless integration into production lines.

• Our industrial laser solutions are easy to install and use, and with the addition of the marking workstation a safe operation environment is provided.

• Our large character printing systems take this type of application a step further and allow industrials to print on a wide range of porous and non-porous boxes.

Tracepack Technologies:

• Continuous Inkjet Systems
Our inkjet printers print high speed, reliable lot/date, sell-by date and other identifying marks and codes on a wide range of substrates – including plastic, glass, paper and more. You can minimise user interaction with the system’s large fluid operation capacity and the direct solvent injection ensures a trouble-free startup.

• Thermal Inkjet Systems
Our thermal inkjet solutions were developed in collaboration with our customers to provide maximum dependability for a smooth-running production process. Polymer thermal inkjet inks are unique as they contain polymer resins, meaning our inks not only stick to non-porous substrates, but are difficult to rub and scratch off – making them ideal for many applications on plastic, glass and most metals. These reliable and robust industrial printing systems guarantee brilliant prints with up to 600dpi – even at high speeds. They can be operated as standalone printers, or in combination with other inkjet marking solutions. A new range of HACCP direct food contact inks and edible UV invisible inks for fruit and vegetables, baked products and confectionery is now available.

• Lasers
Our coding lasers are sold to manufacturers of packaged goods in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, FMCG and many more. These markets are characterised by mainly being served by form, fill and seal equipment, and include packaged goods markets (especially ready meals, snack foods and beverages), personal and household care, and industrial markets (including aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical devices). Our product range includes small character coding lasers, CO2 lasers, and specialist film and foil coding lasers which are available in various power version ranging from 10W to 80W. We also supply a choice of lenses and optics specific for the packaged goods market. These lasers can be used to mark best-before dates and other alphanumeric codes to product packaging.

• Label Applicators
Industrial label applicators offer the most reliable, on-demand labelling solutions for any industry. They perform even in the most difficult conditions. We have eight models for your every need in terms of productivity and production line speed, and are available in various widths. Our label applicators can be equipped with several applicators including “wipe-on” for contact labelling or pneumatic for air-blast labelling. Eight models of label applicators are available for the application of self-adhesive labels on every kind of product.

• Print & Apply Labelers
Our print & apply systems are Italian-engineered, high-quality machinery for real-time printing on your product or packaging. Our labelling systems have been designed to print labels in heavy industrial environments and are very easy to use. We have 4 print & apply labeller models, including LinerPlus for traditional self-adhesive labels as well as Linerless for self-adhesive labels without backing paper. • Labelling Systems Thanks to a robust structure and high-quality components, our labelling systems are suitable for any industrial context. Even in the most difficult conditions (critical environments and heavy workloads), they guarantee performance and reliability at the top end of the market.

• Label Dispensers
Increase productivity and maintain label integrity with our range of electric, specialty and hand-held label dispensers, as well as label rewinders and bottle labelers. Our no-maintenance electric label dispensers can print small labels for confined areas, as well as long, wide packaging type labels at high speeds, with sizes ranging from 6mm to 305mm. They dispense labels made of paper, polyester, vinyl, acetone and foil, as well as the clear material used to print tamper-evident, carton sealing labels and other challenging materials. Manufactured for industrial use, our manual hand-held label applicators are ideal for repetitive labelling of boxes and bags. A patented mechanism dispenses virtually any shape of die-cut label with a unique sensor that automatically adjusts the label stroke. Quickly apply labels to bottles, cans, jars and other cylindrical products with our manual bottle label applicator.

• Large Character Printing
Our large character printing systems can print on most porous and non-porous surfaces. Traditionally used for carton marking applications, these systems take coding a step further and are also able to print on wood, concrete, construction material and textiles. Our specific solvent-based inks allow you to print on non-porous surfaces such as plastics with impressive print quality and quick drying time. Our systems combined with appropriate fluids are capable of printing onto EPS products

• Inline Digital Printing
Inline digital printing is revolutionising the way brand owners are printing packaging and interacting with consumers. Our systems incorporate a wide range of water based, solvent based, and oil based UV curable inks and coatings that can be applied to virtually any substrate, and laser marked with fully customizable text, graphics, unique codes and barcodes, best-before dates and images. Our box coding systems are easily integrated into existing production lines, avoiding high upfront capital investments, and produce a high contrast, high quality and durable digital finish.

• Alternative Inks & Parts
We can help save costs by supplying fully compatible alternative inks and service parts for your CIJ machine. We are flexible to your requirements and fulfill any size order. Our complete range of alternative parts and inks are compatible with the majority of printer brands, such as Videojet, Domino, Hitachi, Citronix and Linx CIJ printers (model dependent).

Polytij Africa
Tel: 010 020 7845

POLYtij Africa is the African channel of the POLYtij® inkjet technology. Our thermal inkjet solutions were developed in collaboration with our customers to provide maximum dependability for a smooth-running production process. Polymer thermal inkjet inks are unique as they contain polymer resins, meaning our inks not only stick to non-porous substrates, but are difficult to rub and scratch off – making them ideal for many applications on plastic, glass and most metals.

These reliable and robust industrial printing systems guarantee brilliant prints with up to 600dpi – even at high speeds. They can be operated as standalone printers, or in combination with other inkjet marking solutions. A new range of HACCP direct food contact inks and edible UV invisible inks for fruit and vegetables, baked products and confectionery is now available.

Production Packaging Systems
Tel: 010 020 7763

PPS specialises in the sale of a wide range of high-quality packaging, inspection and labelling systems, machines and equipment. We have over 30 years’ experience in the packaging industry, and have formed long-term relationships with many of the most respected international suppliers.

Our filling and packaging equipment combines high capability, exceptional functionality and the very best European quality, and our high-end manufacturing environment ensures that all projects are fulfilled to the highest possible specifications.

We also offer a complete line of inspection and quality control equipment such as checkweighers, metal detectors and x-ray inspection systems for a variety of industries (pharmaceutical and food industries in particular).

Automation Solution Africa
Tel: 010 020 7223

Automation Solutions Africa (ASA) is dedicated to providing high quality specialised integration and jigging solutions. ASA has a long history of custom building jigging and tooling for various different applications including conveyors, plc’s, software integration, turntables and much more. Some of the industries that ASA service is, but not limited to; original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), automotive component manufacturers, Integrated Energy and Chemical Companies.

ASA services clients across Africa and South Africa, and the systems ASA create can be integrated into any existing automation lines across the globe.

Pagemark Africa
010 020 6792

Pagemark Africa is the African based supplier of software technologies. With a patent approved authentication technology called Pelta™, Pagemark is providing governments and companies internationally with secure printing solutions, product and document authentication, serialization solutions, and track and trace software.

Many recent innovations are based on the core technology Pelta™ which is a software authentication product based on 2D bar codes. Pelta™ provides government and brand owners a covert layer of data to utilize as required to support their authentication or serialization requirements. Pagemark works with many governments and companies across the globe and guides them toward a common goal: secure document authentication

Rent A Marker
010 020 7368

Rent-a-marker specialises in marking and traceability equipment rentals and has a presence all over South Africa. We are product and brand independent and focus on offering our clients intelligent, cost-effective rental solutions, saving you the time and effort of buying expensive equipment.

We have a variety of rental solutions available with various options to suit your needs. Our trained technicians are available to help with any breakdowns should they arise.

So, no matter what marking equipment you need to finance, we can assist you by customising your solution to help you protect your cash flow and or maximise your purchasing power.

We Are Lasers
010 020 7222

We Are Lasers is a South African based company servicing national and international clients’ offerings Epilog and Kern Laser Machinery and has backup support nationwide. From home business start-ups to large corporate businesses in the Promotional Gifts, Signage, Awards & Recognition, Architectural and related industries, the bed and galvo based engraving, cutting and marking systems of the highest quality and standards, by the most respected and longest established companies in their industry, this division helps our clients to make money.

Uwinloc Africa

In an effort to improve ongoing challenges in the manufacturing, logistics, healthcare and retail and e-commerce industries in regards to production, quality, and safety, UWINLOC has developed the world’s first BATTERY-LESS TAG to digitally transform asset management. The patented indoor location solution is a certified EU brand designed to reduce maintenance costs and locate at 30 cm accuracy for large volumes of items such as tools, machinery, and spare parts. The UWINLOC system optimizes Supply Chain flow and saves hours of manual inventories. The innovation connects tags, beacons, a server, and visualization software. With its simple installation and ability to track large volumes of all types of assets, the system provides a key solution to creating added value across all industries.

• The battery-less tag collects its energy from the surrounding radio field. Once enough energy is received, the tag emits a signal to the installed beacons within the defined indoor parameters of the building.

• The beacons communicate with each other through radio signals allowing the UWINLOC system to locate objects. The radio technology used, (UWB), makes it easy to accurately locate objects. The tag and tagged object can also be mapped out on a 3D visualization software via the server and visualization interface.



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Latest Activity

The future of retail has arrived. And it is naked26
The future of retail has arrived. And it is naked
Globally, retailers and other businesses are beginning to recognise the damaging effects plastics have on the environment. Plastic is full of toxic compounds that are adding to an ever-increasing pollution crisis on land, sea, and air because unlike organic matter, plastic can take centuries to degrade.
Marking fruit and vegetables with edible food grade ink18
Marking fruit and vegetables with edible food grade ink
A fruit sticker may seem an unlikely cause for environmental concern but removing it from food products could create huge savings in plastic, energy and CO2 emissions and with the move to item-level serialization on fruit and vegetables, allowing identification of each product unit instead of the packaging, is a powerful tool to fight counterfeiting and gives the consumer the ability to not only track the entire life cycle of the product through the supply chain but also allows product identification and a unique consumer engagement platform, thus enhancing the consumer experience.
Laser marking for nude, tattooed food11
Laser marking for nude, tattooed food
The drive toward naked produce is gaining momentum, with producers under immense pressure to respond to the growing calls to reduce plastic waste. It’s no small wonder, considering that from 1950 to 2015, cumulative plastic production reached a whopping 7.8 billion metric tons – giving us more than one ton of plastic per person on earth.
Food traceability with Tracepack27
Food traceability with Tracepack
According to World Health Organisation statistics, an estimated 600 million people in the world fall ill because of contaminated food. A shocking 420 000 of these cases result in deaths. The basis of most regulation and standard for food is quality and record-keeping or the traceability thereof, with the new regulation being enforced this does not only apply to the food premises but the environment throughout the entire supply chain of these products and requires a maintained traceability system and recall procedure is in place.
Trace the food, not the packaging30
Trace the food, not the packaging
With the new regulation R638 being implemented there is an increase in supply chain transparency, accountability, and security. One key to achieving gains in all three areas lies in the ability to trace the source of foods and their ingredients, from farm to fork.

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