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Game is a discount retailer of general merchandise FMCG, and non-perishable groceries for home, leisure and business use, operating throughout South Africa and in twelve major cities in sub-Saharan Africa.
During the past financial year we opened three new Game stores, bringing its footprint to 94 stores 


Game's positioning offers customers the widest range of branded products, at the best price, for a given set of product specifications. Customers are presented with a wide range to choose from and are assured of the best value product for that price. The Game business model is promotionally driven, with more than four million of our weekly promotional leaflets distributed each week. During this financial year, we continued to take large positions on selected products and through working closely with our suppliers, were able to offer our customers well-priced products representing great value. 


Massmart bought Dion in 1993 and Game in 1998, merging them a year later. At that time, both operated similar, competing formats and the decision was taken to close or convert all Dion stores to Game where this was facilitated by impending store lease terminations. A core of ten Dion stores was retained in Gauteng until those leases came up for renewal, and in 2008 all these stores were closed or converted to Game.  

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