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Boxer Supermarkets - General Supermarket

Boxer Supermarkets

Boxer superstores is a full service supermarket offering everything under one roof including an instore bakery butchery deli and fresh fruit and vegetable department, providing a one-stop shopping experience.  read more
Cambridge - General Supermarket


High quality service departments and bulk displays of a culturally appropriate choice of fresh foods are key to the Cambridge offering. A wide range of fresh produce and fresh meat are available special attention is paid to stocking less expensive cuts of meat.  read more
Checkers - General Supermarket


Checkers caters for customers in the upper-income groups of LSM 8 – 10 and is the Group’s major brand after Shoprite. read more
Hungry Lion - General Supermarket

Hungry Lion

Hungry Lion is a corporate owned and operated chain of fast food outlets focusing on fried chicken. read more
Pick n Pay Supermarkets - General Supermarket

Pick n Pay Supermarkets

Shoprite - General Supermarket


Shoprite is the main brand and core business of the Shoprite Group. Shoprite’s winning philosophy is to operate a chain of modern supermarkets where customers can rely on the lowest price promise for food and household goods and committed customer service. read more
Spar - General Supermarket


The Spar format generally operates with a selling areas of 700 m2 +, they are focused on providing a neighbourhood / rural supermarket shopping experience. Comprehensive range of groceries is provided and competitively priced. Each store aims to provide friendly and professional service to all customers. Fresh produce, in-store bakery, butchery, deli and home-meal replacement departments complete the service offering. read more
SuperSpar - General Supermarket


Superspar is positioned as a one-stop, competitively priced, bulk shopping experience. The larger store format with a selling areas of 1 300 m2 + price aggressively over a full range of groceries and general merchandise. Extensive service departments such as fresh produce, in-store bakery, butchery, deli and meal solutions make for a comprehensive offering across a wide range of shoppers.  read more
TM Stores - Zimbabwe - General Supermarket

TM Stores - Zimbabwe

Pick n Pay own 25% of TM Supermarkets which operates in Zimbabwe. As part of their African expansion they have negotiated to purchase a further 24% of the business, this is awaiting approval from the Zimbabwe Government.  read more
Woolworths South Africa - General Supermarket

Woolworths South Africa

Woolworths was founded in 1931 by Max Sonnenberg. His belief that success lies in providing customers with superior quality merchandise at reasonable prices has been instrumental in establishing Woolworths as one of South Africa’s leading retail chains – a benchmark for excellence and an icon of quality. read more