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MegaVision Media

MegaVision Media

MegaVision Media understands in-store marketing and branding at point-of-sale. We own and manage fixtures in prime retail space that can be utilised to enhance the marketing and advertising efforts of FMCG brands. 70% of purchasing decisions by consumers are made at the point-of-sale – that’s why we call it the Sweet Spot.
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The grocer’s philosophy when it comes to building loyalty is to encourage one more shopping trip or one more product purchase. Retailers and grocers use loyalty programmes to collect data from previous purchases, which is used to personalise offers for relevant products and drive footfall back to store. Whilst this technique has its successes, it’s difficult relying on the past to predict the future. It’s important to evolve beyond predicting, and actually engage with consumers, offering something truly compelling to change shopper behaviour.

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