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Makro’s offerings are tailor-made to fit a variety of customer needs across all our merchandising categories.

The food offering caters to wholesale shoppers ranging from informal traders and grocery store owners to hoteliers, restaurateurs, offices and schools. Wholesale customers account for up to 75% of Makro’s food sales and most shop during the week for the convenience of a wide range of good value, quality consumables. At weekends, the focus shifts to promoting good buys for retail food and grocery shoppers who can achieve substantial savings on their monthly household basket compared to other mass retail outlets.

The Makro liquor offering also caters to both the retail and wholesale customer. Liquor outlets, immediately adjacent to the main outlet, continue to increase their range of premium brands, especially in wine and whisky. These products are sold at a low margin to maintain and grow our share of the market. At the same time have maintained a strong presence in beer and budget brands for liquor wholesalers looking for good value.

The Makro model is unusual in that it sells General Merchandise to retail customers while much of its Food and Liquor is sold to wholesale customers. This blend gives the brand a robustness that enables it to trade comfortably through most economic cycles. The big-box warehouse club format with our no-frills approach keeps costs down and provides the platform for a high-volume, low-margin sales offering of quality branded merchandise. The customer database created by Makro store cards used at the point of purchase helps to keep track of the spending patterns of 1.5 million active members and Makro communicated regularly with them through targeted promotional material.