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Cadbury to launch confectionery range in new packaging
Cadbury to launch confectionery range in new packaging

Cadbury to launch confectionery range in new packaging


Packaging Business Review - Oct 5th 2011, 10:53

UK-based brand and packaging design agency Slice Design has created a new look for Kraft Foods' Cadbury’s range of Christmas confectionery.

Slice has designed a contemporary look incorporating a raft of new quirky cartoon characters and gave new illustrations style for the selection boxes.

The boxes are designed with a series of characters with distinct personality traits; characters include Santa, Rudy the reindeer and Clyde the snowman.

Slice also helped to create Character Bags, a new structural format to add value to the Christmas range.

Slice Design creative director Alan Gilbody said the characters Santa and Rudolph were made magical by giving them contemporary, quirky personalities to appeal to kids whose world is influenced by Pixar and video games. 

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